GHS 103 -He Healed Them All

1. He healed them all – the blind, the lame, the palsied,
The sick in body and the weak in mind,
Whoever came, no matter how afflicted,
Were sure a sovereign remedy to find.

2. His word gave health, His touch restored the vigour,
To every weary pain-exhausted frame;
And all He asked before He gave the blessing
Was simple faith in Him from those who came.

3. And is our Lord, the kind, the good, the tender,
Less loving now than in those days of old?
Or is it that our faith is growing feeble,
And Christian energy is waxing cold?

4. Why do we not with equal expectation,
Now bring our sick ones to the Lord in prayer
Right through the throng of unbelieving scruples
Up to His very side and leave them there?

5. He never health refused in bygone ages,
Nor feared to take the “chastisement” away;
Then why not ask it now, instead of praying
For “patience” to endure from day to day?