GHS 113 – Go And Tell The Story

1 Go and tell the story to thy friends to-day,
How the Lord of glory met thee on thy way;
How He cleansed thy spirit from the stain of sin,
Driving out the foe who reigned thy heart within.

Go and tell the story, tell it fer and wide,
How the Lord of glory for the sinner died;
And the soul that hears it, and in faith believes,
Straightway he the cleansing from the Lord receives.

2 Go and tell the story, of His pow’r to save,
Of the sinful “Legion” sunk beneath the wave;
Tell of His compassion, of His love so true,
Of the wondrous things the Lord hath done for you. [Chorus]

3 Go and tell the story, how He reigns above,
Winning men to glory thro’ His dying love;
How He waits to crown them kings forevermore,
In the home awaiting, on the other shore. [Chorus]