GHS 221 – Let Not Thy Hands Be Slack

1 Let not thy hands be slack,
Live not in vain;
Out on life’s lonely track
Men toil in pain.
Play thou a brother’s part,
Strength, love and hope impart;
Bid thou the fainting heart
Look up again.

2 Let not thy hands be slack,
Grip thou thy Sword!
Why should’st thou courage lack?
Think of the Lord.
Did He not fight for thee?
Stronger than all is He,
And He thy strength will be,
Rest on His Word.

3 Let not thy hands be slack,
Haste to the fray!
Dream not of turning back;
Life is not play!
Gird thou thy armor on,
Fight till the battle’s won,
Then shall thy Lord’s “Well done,”
More than repay!

4 Let not thy hands be slack,
“Fear not! be strong!”
Cease not to make attack
On ev’ry wrong!
Press on for Truth and Right,
Hold high the Gospel Light,
Expel the dirge of night
With heaven’s Song!

5 Let not thy hands be slack,
The days fly fast.
Lost moments come not back
From the dark past.
Then be not slack of hand!
Help thou the weak to stand!
To God and Fatherland
Give all thou hast!