1.”The Holy Spirit’s power
Ye need,” the Master said;
“So wait till conies the hour
When on you He is shed.”
So praise did all their souls employ,
As tarried they with fervent joy.

2.And when ten cloys were passed
With one accord were they,
Heaven’s windows long closed fast,
Were opened on that day;
With rushing mighty wind and flame,
The promised Holy Spirit came.

3.Their loosened tongues were filled
With strange and wondrous words;
Heaven’s life their hearts had thrilled,
God’s goodness they declared;
“And unto all,” th’ Apostle said,
“Is the like gift, since Christ has bled.”

4.Come now, ye sons of men,
This message now receive,
The Holy Spirit’s given
To all who will believe;
Ye, too, may know His mighty power,
And speak with tongues this very hour.

5.Then charity divine,
Your yearning hearts shall fill
T’wards those who now repine,
Held in sin’s bondage still;
For these your zeal shall never tire
To snatch them from th’ e’erlasting fire.

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